Chine White Cocktail Drink Recipe
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American Bartenders School shows how to make a China White mixed drink cocktail recipe


Today, I’m going to show you how to make now is our china white and it is a shooter or shot classification. I am going to show you how to serve. You can also shake this drink and I’ll show the different ways. And our recipe calls for Baileys Irish cream. We are going to use the half ounce of Baileys, okay there we go. We are going to use a half ounce of white or clear crème de cocoa which is a cocoa flavored liquor. It’s sweet. We got a little bit of a chocolate flavor. And finally, we just going to use Vodka. So, we’re going to use a half ounce of our Vodka. So, we have got three different things in here. Our Bailey’s Irish cream, our white crème de cocoa or clear crème de cocoa, and finally our Vodka. And what I’m going to do is to stir this all up. Let’s get it nice and cold, served about eight or nine times. And then, what I’m going to do is I’m going to strain it into our shot glass. And have a little bit of cinnamons. I want to put a little bit of cinnamon on it. But just like this, a shooter type drink. And remember shooters are shots. Usually they go down all at once. Enjoy it!