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Better.TV brings you the latest children's fashion trends inspired by celebrity kids.


Host: Soaring cruise, Gwen Steffani’s son Kingston and the Beckham boys, they’re mini Celebes in training so young but they’re already developing their own sense of style, lifestyle experts Sarah Knowles here to talk about how real moms can dress their kids as cute as the Celebes but for a fraction of a price, good to have you here Sarah. Sarah Knowles: Nice to be here. Host: Most of their clothing are out of control, its crazy right? Sarah Knowles: They are and so you can have similar looks and maybe not spend as much quite money. They are one that is making all the headlines. Host: She is three years old. Sarah Knowles: She is three years old, she is dressing better than many adults. She’s mimicking her mom, she’s going—she has access to a lot of the high designers so she is taking advantage and she’s making headlines with her fashion. Host: A lot of people are saying she is breaking all the rules too. Heels kill me— Sarah Knowles: And actually the target is coming out this summer with some wedges so they’re a little bit safer but if you still want that fun look. This is a Mark Jacobs dress that’s coming out this summer as well, something nice to be seen with. Host: What’s the price range for something like this though? Sarah Knowles: This is $273.00. Host: Okay, so it’s still a pricey but— Sarah Knowles: Its pricey, its less than the adult but its still pricey, you still get the same great quality and also the flats are Mark Jacobs and those run at about $200.00. Host: Okay, but the wedges that you were saying— Sarah Knowles: The wedges are $14.99 is the target, right and I think the skirt and the printed shirt, that’s also a little more affordable, it’s by APA man and its $35.00 and it’s something that she would wear. Its flirty, its fun, its feminine, she’s also seen carrying a stuffed animal a lot. This is a $21.00 by Jelly Cat; it’s available at Stella, this cute little boutique in the west village. So this is something that she would wear, fun, flirty, we also have this petite tutu skirt. This is something that she would wear. Exactly. Host: Who made this one? Sarah Knowles: This is $75.00; this is available at Stella as well. You can also wear it under a dress and just get a little bit of a ruffle. Host: So now we have to move to Gwen Steffani’s kids who are—I love their little style. Sarah Knowles: They got it from mama obviously. Host: Definitely. Sarah Knowles: They have the rock and roll look, its Kingston, he’s three and a half. He could be seen with something like this, this is Dolce and Gabbana. Its cashmere lined its $394.00. It’s available on They have their own line of contour clothes for kids. You can see all the big designs and order them on line. Host: Do they have the sun glasses to go with the whole flow right? Sarah Knowles: Right, definitely, Kingston is often photographed playing at the park. He’s sporting his sunglasses, this are by Disney Pixar. They’re $8.99 and they are available at many drugstores, Wal-Mart and a lot of places. Host: Are this flair? Sarah Knowles: No, those are skater shorts, they range between $50.00 and $150.00 also available at Stella and also the Skull and Cross bone. That’s like something that Kingston would wear just for a little more edge. Host: Yes, last but not least we’re going to go over the Beckham’s kids. So they have this sporty chic kind of look. Sarah Knowles: Exactly, I mean they are kids of some very chic parents. So they wear—that is a three piece set from Target. Its $21.00 for the three piece set. It’s something that the Beckham’s might wear. They have a little more of a cleaned up look, a little more dressed up. The little denim jeans, you know the plaid shirts, the jackets from Ben Sherman. Its $93.00 also available at the out post and it’s a British designer so he’ll wear something that might be a little more polished. Host: And of course we cannot forget there are skinny jeans for kids. Sarah Knowles: Skinny jeans for kids. Host: I cannot believe this. Sarah Knowles: They are $25.00, they are available at Bits Kids and they’re elastic at the waist. They’re perfect for kids to run around with. Host: They could put a little bit more material up in here and I’ll wear this things. Sarah Knowles: Thank you so much— Host: And also the Beckham’s for the ball. Thank you so much Sarah. Thank you. Sarah Knowles: Happy to be here.