Children and Hygiene
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Learn the importance of teaching your kids about hygiene.


Melanie Raposo: Hi every body I'm Melanie Raposo, and welcome to mommy's minute, teaching your children about hygiene and germs is very important, helping to understand how germs can make them sick, and makes it easier to get them to wash their hands regularly and maintain a proper hygiene. Especially after doing things like using a potty are great way to teach your kids about germs is reminding over time when they were sick and have would make them fear, tell them that germs will cause the illnesses and can cause many others, once children understand what germs are and how they can catch them they can better understand the importance of washing their hands. And once they understand that you can talk to them about the importance of bathing and brushing teeth, and one important thing to remember it is to always keep tooth brushes covered when in the wash room, when you flush your toilet it releases a spray of germ infected toward the water they can settle on an uncovered tooth brush, and did you know that shopping cards are more dir Melanie dirtier than public washrooms, informing your children about all the places where they can catch germs makes it easier to how prevent them from getting sick.