Childhood Obesity
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Obesity is a condition that mainly affects adults, but according to a recent study, the number of obese children has doubled over the last three decades. Tony looks into the causes of childhood obesity and possible treatment options.


Audra Lowe: Obesity is the condition that mainly affects adults. But according to one recent study the number of obese children has doubled over the last three decades. And today in Better Parenting Tony looks into the causes of childhood obesity and possible treatment options. Tony Martinez: Well starts with the definition, kids are considered obese when there body mass index is above the 95% tile. On the most basic level that imbalance occurs when kids are taking in more calories in there putting out. As to why that imbalance occurs that’s where kids are little more complicated. Kirti Raol: There is definitely more than one reason why this epidemic is taking place. There is more marketing more empty calorie foods; kids are watching more than two, three hours of TV even on school day. Tony Martinez: A parents body stout can also be a factor but there behavior can have more influence than there genetics. Kirti Raol: Parents need to change that own habits, they need to set good example, they need to be a role model for there children. Tony Martinez: Failing to make those changes can have diet consequences. Kirti Raol: There are obvious health risks factors. Tony Martinez: For example? Audra Lowe: For example, I am saying children with pre-diabetes, that’s an early sign of diabetes insulin resistance. There is you know little for cardiovascular diseases. There cholesterol levels are already higher than normal. Tony Martinez: Childhood obesity also takes an emotional tool. Kirti Raol: Obese children are peace, they feel more you know anti-social because they don’t— other don’t want to interact with them, they’re more depressed. Depression is becoming more common in obese children so they’re obvious health risk factors as well as psychological problems. Tony Martinez: Fortunately so much of this can be avoided but it takes a group effort. Kirti Raol: The whole family should make the change, you cannot just identify your overweight child and say, you know you need to make the change and everyone else can need differently that’s just an work. Tony Martinez: Programs like Providence Medical Centers healthy and fit plan teach families to make lifestyle and nutrition choices that will improve there overall health at least one parent is required to attend. Kirti Raol: Parents made to be a good role model and set good behavior themselves. If they don’t need healthy food or fruits and vegetables they cannot tell there children to eat fruits and vegetables. Tony Martinez: There was a time when we have to find foods to survive, now for some our well being depends on avoiding it and the time to start is now. Kirti Raol: Now it is never too late to start the treatment or behavior changes. Tony Martinez: Well check it most of that what Dr. Raol said which is help preventable and treatable child in obesity really is in the end it set a simple matter and making the right choices about while we eat how we live and as parents that responsibility belongs to us. I’m Tony Martinez, thanks for watching. Audra Lowe: And one final to know, in more than 70% of those kids that are obese remain obese into adulthood which makes identifying and treating the condition early even more important.