Chicco High Travel Chair Review
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Daddy Brad is way too big for this Chicco Polly Seat, but he really liked it anyway. Comfy and useful. This adjustable high chair is great for involving your newborn baby in the family dinner during feeding time.


Brad: When you go out to restaurants, sometimes those high chairs are pretty dirty. Well this cool seat from Chicco, the deluxe travel seat takes care of that. I'm here with Julie Robins of Chicco’s, she's going to tell us a little about it. Julie: That’s right Brad. This is a very nice seat. It folds up and comes within this bag so it’s very easy to take into the restaurant for you. Securely attaches to the table. A child up to 37 pounds can fit into it. Your new born, you don’t want to put in because they don’t have a lot of good head control. So probably about 6 months is when you want to start this. Have two features here for safety, this you push up and then you fine tune it by twisting it. It can accommodate aprons on any of the table. You wouldn’t want to put it on a glass table, but just about any other table will work really well. Brad: Washable. Julie: Washable, yep. You take all this up and put it in the washer. Brad: And many different colors to choose from. Julie: You're right. Brad: That’s great. Thanks Julie.