Chicco High Chair Review
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Daddy Brad is way too big for this Chicco Polly Seat, but he really liked it anyway. Comfy and useful. A review from the ABC Baby Show in Las Vegas.


Soeaker1: With all the new studies out there about how good it is to have dinner together as a family. Well this is an interesting product that lets you start doing that with a new born. I am here with Julie Robbins from KidCo and she is going to tell us a little about the Polly. Julie Robbins: That's right, thank you Brad you are right. What's really nice as you can bring this up to the table for the new born fully reclined. It has three foot adjustments, it also has seven adjustments to where it may be your table is a little bit lower to bring this down a little bit lower, you have where it may be get a little older you can have a middle recline or full recline. If the arms are in the way for the table they can go up or you can put it down. If you want to have say lunch and not have the baby really at the table you have the tray and this comes off and you throw it in the dish washer. Speaker1: Now, that's big. Julie Robbins: That's my favorite part. Speaker1: It's big, and it's pretty compact too and folds up. Julie Robbins: When you want just put it away, get it out of way, may be you are having a party. It folds up very nice and slim and you just throw it in the closet. Speaker1: Right in the pantry. Thanks Julie that's the Polly cool high chair.