Chicco 360 Baby Hook On Chair Review
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Gear Daddy reviews the Chicco 360 -- a revolving feeding chair that attaches to any table. Daddy Troy tries out the latest in child feeding gear and technology, and points out the features that make this entry unique. More reviews weekly.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to gear daddy. I'm your host Daddy Troy and today I'm with Juliet at Chicco. We are going to look at some of the new features of the hook on chair. So, Juliet we talked about the hook on chair in the past, but this one has a really great new features. Juliet: Yes, this is called the 360 hook on chair and what's really nice about it is, it does work like other travel seaters, hooks on to tables, up to 5 inches thick. It is very secure again you will note that it can actually -- viewers can see those, but it has a very secure secondary lock, so you can lock it to make sure its going to stay on that table. Daddy Troy: In the past the kid went on the table and now the kids are on the chair. Juliet: Exactly, so the tray and has a cup holder. But that's not the most exciting. The exciting thing is, right now we have to try out facing the table with the family. But let's say its just dad and the child and dad wants to feed the baby, you actually can take this end it will turn towards dad and he can feed the baby. Daddy Troy: That's great. Juliet: This is really exciting. But what's even more, let's say dad either cleaning up or doing something and doesn't this really have to be used in the kitchen. Daddy Troy: It's set for only 90 degrees? Juliet: That's right. You can go like this to 180. And now the child can watch whatever dad is doing and continuing now with dad and it actually does go under. There's six positions you can move this around. So, that's called the 360 hook on chair and this particular pattern that we have here is called the merrow. Daddy Troy: And you can take this out and actually wash it? Juliet: Yeah, the cover comes out and you can throw them to wash. And there is another way to keep the child in the family involved together and not the child is always facing in one direction and that hanging up is I think is the most fun. Daddy Troy: Sure, and this is not just for home use. We take this from when you are travelling, if you go to a restaurant, sometime, you want your kid with you at the restaurant. Juliet: What I like to do is, I keep it in my trunk, so that I don't have to ever worry about forgetting it. So, we go to eat at a restaurant, I can pull it out at the trunk and it comes with this nice carry on bag. So, it comes right out of the trunk here in the restaurant, hook it up to the restaurant table and you are ready to go. Daddy Troy: Great. Well, thanks Juliet so much. Juliet: You are welcome. Daddy Troy: Will see you next time on gear daddy and all week long at