Chicago Parents Deliver Postcards to School Head
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Chicago Public Schools parents, students and teachers crowd the lobby of school headquarters on Tuesday, delivering a stack of what they said was 1000 postcards from stakeholders asking CPS leaders to hear their voices. (Sept. 18)


SOT: ERICA CLARK, CPS Parent "It's deeply disappointing that there's not one person in this building-one person-who could come down and talk to a group of parents and students. This is what it's about (reaching out to little girl)--it's about the students. They say they put children first, but they cannot take five minutes to come down and talk to us?""What if we had a smaller delegation go up? Just a few of us go up? You won't let one person up there to deliver a message to the Board of Ed? (Guards voices: "We'll take your postcards. We'll take them up there"). Close up: Little blonde girl-8-year-old SAMANTHA GREEN--standing at security guard's deskMedium wide shot: guard/group in front of desk. Guard: "I'm just doing my job." Voice from crown: "I know you're just doing your job." Guard off camera: "We'll take the postcards here. You can leave them at the desk. We'll take them up."Guards on camera: "We'll take them up." Medium shot --- guard getting in elevator with 1000 post cards to deliver to CPS officers…nice shot as door closes(****END****) VIDEO PRODUCER: ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: None----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: