Chicago Parents Anxious For Teachers Strike End
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Chicago's nearly weeklong teachers strike appeared headed toward a resolution Friday after negotiators emerged from marathon talks to say they had achieved a "framework" that could end the walkout in time for students to return to class Monday. (Sept. 14)


[Location - Date:Chicago - Sept. 14][Source:AP][VO:Vo of parents leaving kids to safe school locations for day care/Teachers on strike]Anne Westerman/Parent"I understand what they're asking for; I think they need a better contract. It's tough as it drags on a little bit longer. I hope they come to an agreement today. People are taking time off work, people are using their benefit time. It's really difficult it's hard for the families. I think as it drags on longer and longer, I'd like to see the teachers back in school and the negotiators, negotiating while school is going on. I think that would be a compromise."Giau Truong/parent"I think she definitely misses the structure of school and being able to learn...She's in 2nd grade now and feel she's missing a lot on her math skills that we've been teaching her at home. I have to call my work and tell them I have to drop off the kids or I have to leave from work to come down here."Jennifer Bartgen/Teacher at Walt Disney Magnet School"I think we are very hopeful that we'll be back in the classroom on Monday. There's so much more...going on in the Chicago public schools that can't just be measured by a test score. There are other issues that the teachers and community are dealing with in terms of children living in poverty, children not having the support at home that they need, children not having the important nutrition that they need. Children possibly not even sleeping in their homes. This community that we're in right now the 2 schools that are closest to us have 40% of their population that are coming from homeless shelters..."(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: davie---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ap-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: mccall----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MEDIA EMBARGO (S): none--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: a1027BC-US--Chicago Schools-Strike, 10th Ld-Writet