How to Make Cheesecake Cookies
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Learn how an expert cookie baker makes her popular cheesecake cookies.


Cheesecake Cookies Mildred Butler: No comes in my kitchen when I'm baking. Jill Cordes: Cooking in Mildred Butler’s kitchen is serious business. She runs her own bakery out of her kitchen in Connecticut. And one of her most requested pastries is her Mary Cheesecake Cookie. Mildred Butler: This is a very holiday cookie because I sprinkled a little red and green on it. Jill Cordes: Mildred makes this flour, butter and brown sugar. She chops pecan, she brings out her a secret weapon. Mildred Butler: Food processor is the blessing in the kitchen. Jill Cordes: She needs all the help she can get. As you can imagine, her bakery gets pretty busy during the holidays. Mildred Butler: I have bake up to 150 dozen of cookies. Jill Cordes: Which she claims from meticulous order of ingredients right on the counter. But don’t expect her to be a clean cook. Mildred Butler: It’s a big, big floury mess. Jill Cordes: No mess yet, but we’re only on the first layer. Mildred had the crunchy crust in the pan lined with parchment paper then in pops it in the oven. Now she works on the filling. This middle layer adds a creamy texture to the crunchy cookie base. After 10 minutes, Mildred takes the crust from the oven. Mildred Butler: Looking good. Jill Cordes: She spoons her filling on the warm crust then sprinkles more of the crust mixture on top and returns her cookies to the oven. Mildred modified this recipe to reflect the holidays. Mildred Butler: We have a tree and we have the Christmas bell. Jill Cordes: A wet cookie cutter works best to slice through this creamy crunchy combination. Mildred Butler: It's the remedy that I use to get it nice and smooth. Jill Cordes: Mildred carefully cuts out traditional trees and Christmas bells. Splash of color and you see why these cookies are customer’s favorites. Mildred Butler: They’ll ask for it you know did you make your cookies? Jill Cordes: Mildred gives away these cookies as gifts, that is the one that make it past her husband. Mildred Butler: You like it? Jill Cordes: She got Carl a little approval and all those with whom assume she shares from Mary Cheesecake cookies.