Cheating Scandal Shakes Atlanta School System
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The Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent is addressing a teacher test-score cheating scandal with student remediation. School administrators say the scandal did a tremendous amount of damage to the quality of the students' education. (April 23)


SHOTLIST:Associated Press Television - AP Clients OnlyATLANTA -April 18, 20131. Wide pedestrian walking past Atlanta Public Schools headquarters2. Medium tote-board sign advises testing schedule at Burgess Peterson Academy, an Atlanta elementary school.3. Wide children entering school for remediation after-school program.4. Medium children at table working on problems during remediation class.5. (SOT) Erroll B. Davis Jr., Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent: "Well, the impact of the cheating scandal is felt at many levels. The most important level, of course, is at the child."6. Desk-level of girl working on studies during remediation class.7. (SOT) Davis: "It is clear that students were deprived of services that they should have received it their test scores had been adequately and appropriately recorded." 8. Medium children on floor doing math problems during remediation class. 9. Tight of child doing math problems in remediation class.10. Tight desk-level of child marking a paper.11. Medium children on floor working on an assignment.12. Medium pan of kids at computers during remediation class.13. (SOT) Davis: "And we did our best to identify those students and it turned out to be not an easy task because we're talking about the impacts of something that happened 2 to 3 years ago in the lives of a child and some have overcome those, some have fallen further behind." 14. Medium teacher instructing students during remediation class.15: (SOT) Davis: "We certainly have a larger than average percentage of people not performing at the appropriate levels and those are the students that we're trying to get in to our remediation programs and those for which we are designing programs on an on-going basis."16. Medium teacher erasing a whiteboard during remediation class.17: (SOT) Davis: Because we have a ton of work to do. We're behind on just about every measure and so in order to get to average we have to perform above average."18. Medium Davis in his conference room outside his office.19. Wide pan of Bergess Peterson Academy. 20. medium of teacher teaching children in remediation with flash-cards and fingers.21. Tight of teacher with flash cards.22: (SOT) Davis: When I first came we immediately launched sort of system-wide generic before-school, in-school, after-school, and Saturday remediation programs. We are now doing more school-specific type of programming based on the needs of a particular school. 23. wide to tight zoom of "Quality Work" sign in a remediation classroom.STORYLINE:ATLANTA _ When the announcement came that 35 Atlanta public school educators would face criminal charges stemming from one of the nation's largest cheating scandals, thousands of students in the Atlanta Public School system where undergoing tutoring, weekend classes and other remediation to the cost of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. School district officials say the cost is necessary as they try to help the students caught up in a scandal that authorities say involved changing test scores so top educators could receive salary bonuses for improved student performance. By Christina A. Cassidy. (****END****)