Cheap Gift Blamed for Mother's Day Stabbing Death
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A woman is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her boyfriend. The reason she gave was a cheap gift on Mother's Day.


(Image source: The Houston Chronicle / Beaumont Police )   BY ZACH TOOMBS   A Texas woman is charged with stabbing and killing the father of her two children — and relatives say an inexpensive Mother’s Day gift is to blame. KBMT reports.   “Beaumont police officer Veronica Payton says a 20-year-old woman stabbed her 22-year-old boyfriend shortly after midnight.” “The boyfriend died at the scene.” “The girlfriend was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.”   The victim’s mother tells The Houston Chronicle Paige Parkerson stabbed J.R. Barkin because she received a less expensive gift than she had expected for Mother’s Day. After Parkerson called Barkin’s mother...   “... she sped back over to her son's house, but it was too late. Barkin, 22, was stabbed several times and died just after midnight Monday in the backyard of his yellow rental house. Wright said she believes Parkerson expected a more expensive gift, such as jewelry.”   The mother — Evetta Wright — told police Parkerson confessed to killing Barkin over the phone. According to The Daily Mail ...   “Mrs Wright had just dropped her son [Barkin] off at the house at 11.30pm on Sunday and that was after taking him to Wal-Mart to buy flowers and a Mother's Day card for Paige.”   KFXK of Tyler, Texas reports a disagreement over the adequacy of the gifts was apparently the last straw.   “Police say the couple had been arguing throughout the weekend. They have two young children, ages three months and two years.”   According to The Houston Chronicle , the couple’s two sons were asleep at the time of the murder and are now staying with relatives. Parkerson is being held on a first-degree felony murder charge with $75,000 bail.