Changes in Allowance with Age
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How does allowance change as children get older?


Host: How does allowance change as children get older? Rene Hackney: With allowance when children are young they say just make a list of chores and that's the amount of money they get, but as they get to be nine to 12 years old, it's a good idea to have and extra list, things that they can do to earn more money. So, on their allowance chart, it might be making their bed, and picking up their clothes, but there might be this extra list of dusting the dining room, or cleaning out the garage, so that they can earn a larger amount as they get older. There should also likely be some jobs that are not on your allowance chart and don't earn money at all. That idea is that for many families, they want children to participate in maybe making their bed, or feeding the dog, just because they are part of the family, you want children to be helpful in other way. So, the idea is you are also using those contribution type jobs where everybody just pitches in because we are a family not just the job that are for allowance.