Change the Sounds on Your iPhone
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Your iPhone is a phone, but it doesn't have to just "ring." You can have it vibrate, play a song, play a different song for each person, and much more. In the iPhone sound settings, it's easy to customize your iPhone's ringtone, message tones and much more.


Butterscotch Tutorial How to configure sounds on your iPhone Michael Callahan: Hi, this is Michael Callahan, Dr. File Finder, and welcome to your tutorial on how to configure the sounds on your iPhone. Now, on your iPhone, we just want to tap on Settings, let's do that, now we're going to tap on Sounds. Now, under Silent, you can turn on vibrate when you don't want to be disturbed by a sound. Under ring, you can turn on vibrate, when you wanted to feel a vibration in addition to your sound. You see, you can also adjust the volume of your ring, and you can also change what sound is your ring tone. We will talk about that more in a second. You can also get a sound when you get a new text message, and you can turn on or off the ability to have a sound when you get a new voicemail, or a new mail message, or when a message is sent. You can also decide to have a sound when you have a calendar alert, a lock sound or a keyboard clicks. Now under a ringtones, you can tap on that, pick the sound or song that you want to have, and then you have that as your ringtone. So this is a great way that you can set all of your sounds on you iPhone, that's all there is to it. Butterscotch, tasty tech, delicious downloads., a division of Tucows Corp.