Census: Minorities Now Surpass Whites in Births
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For the first time, racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half the children born in the U.S., capping decades of heady immigration growth that is now slowing. (May 17)


[Notes:SOT: RODERICK HARRISON/SOCIOLOGIST, HOWARD UNIVERSITY][Notes:VO: KIDS PLAYING. SOURCE: AP]It's a landmark in a transition to a majority-minority population, which is expected to occur in the middle of this century, sometime 2040-2050. It really reflects in the last quarter of the 20th century the large wave of immigration, particularly of hispanics and asians to the country. It reflects the higher fertility rates, particularly in the hispanic population and the fact that most of the population growth in the united states over the last several decades is attributable to hispanics and asians to a lesser extent.This is a watershed, landmark point, but it's part of a long term trend that will see the hispanic population particularly, and because of that the minority population grow to majority status.We're in the middle of a transformation from a society that up through the civil rights movement saw itself as a society of blacks and whites to one that is multi-cultural, multi-ethinc, multi-national and it's going to take a much more complex, nuanced picture of ourselves as a melting pot of a very different sort that the european wave of immigration implied.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: matt friedman---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: ap-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: none----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): --------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:w2875BC-US-Census-White-Minority,127