Celebrating Christmas in a Traditional Way
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Learn how to celebrate Christmas the traditional way, as we share some great advice and tips on age-old Christmas traditions - gifts, the Christmas tree, stockings, holiday meals and much more.


Nathan: Hi there. I am Nathan. Sarah: And I am Sarah. Nathan: And we are two a very big fans of Christmas. I personally enjoy Christmas because I come from a pretty diverse background and Christmas always means that I get to see part of my family that I do not get to see all the time and everybody like presents particularly stockings. Sarah: I like it more because I get to go to parties and I just throw parties and get to buy new dresses and wear furry clothes. Nathan: So here is information about some wonderful X-mas traditions. So, the Christmas stocking is always a great tradition because it can come in lots of different forms. Sometimes you just get the biggest sock of the biggest person in the house and sometimes people make their own stockings, sometimes you can knit them. It is really up to you, how you form your Christmas stocking and if you have a fireplace in New York City where people do not have fireplaces sometimes, I have seen them hanging in all sorts of interesting parts of the house. And then what goes in the stocking—candy, there is coal for bad kids. You can buy chocolate coal if you want to pretend that somebody is a bad kid. I have always been a big fan of the chocolate orange. They can go on a Christmas stocking. It is also a good place to deposit things like toothbrushes, little travel toothpastes. Sarah: When I was little, actually, my father used to put gigantic presents under the Christmas tree wrapped in the Sunday Comics, which is a lot of people did that. And we would open the box and we will pull the wrapping paper, open, and open, and open and there will be a box inside of a box, inside of a box with a little note that would say, “Your Christmas coal is in the bathtub.” So then, we take our little note, we go into the bathtub and we find the most gigantic doll ever. With awesome little clothes that we could take off and dress her up. I still have her to this day actually. Nathan: I know a tradition that I always enjoy is caroling where you can go door to door in the village or town that you live in and same traditional Christmas songs, you will get to hold in, and sometimes people take a little thought care candles around, wear bonnet, a nice red velvet outfit if you have one. Top hats, yes, pipes and sing great songs. That is a lot of fun because Christmas is a lot about community and that is really good way to hangout with your friends. Sarah: Another tradition that is usually done in the office or a school is secret Santa where you get to buy a gift for someone anonymously, they do not know who it is and it can be really fun. You can do it with a limit of $10 or you can go higher or less, but usually there are really, those are some of the best gifts that you can get every year. Nathan: And there are a lot of great variations on the secret Santa. So, do your researching, pick one that is right for you. So, we hope that you have a very Merry Christmas.