Celebrate 50 years of Barbie
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In this video we look at Barbie's life, from her debut at the 1959 International Toy Fair, to her introduction to Ken Carson, her first car in 1962 and her 2004 Valentine's Day breakup with Ken


Celebrate 50 years of Barbie This doll has gone through many incarnations but she always remains recognizable. Hi I'm Rebecca Brayton and welcome to watchmojo.com and today we’ll be telling you the story of Barbie. Barbara Millicent Roberts otherwise known as Barbie is a doll first sold in March 1959. The character hails from Willows, Wisconsin. Barbie’s long time male companion is Ken Carson who first appeared in 1961. The couple split on Valentines Day of 2004 after 43 years together. The two remained good friends and they don’t relied a future reconciliation. Barbie has held down over 100 careers over her lifetime. Solidifying the belief that women can fill any job they like. These professions include Olympic gold medalist, singer and various types of doctors. Over the years, Barbie has lived in a number of glamorous places usually referred to as Barbie’s dream house. One thing all these dream houses have in common is closet space. Barbie is also a car kind of person. She got her first ride in 1962 with the Austin Healey Convertible. Many of her later cars were also convertibles, however she also got behind the wheel of a microbus and a Volkswagen Beetle. Throughout her lifetime Barbie has held other historical events. She has also observed different cultures for example donning traditional garb is Japanese Barbie and Irish Barbie and Spanish Barbie. 2009 marked Barbie’s 50th birthday and she has never looked better.