CDC: More Teens Using Condoms
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New government figures show condom use among teens is up over the last 20 years but progress has stalled. The CDC says lack of proper sex education and HIV awareness in schools may be to blame. (July 24)


(SUPER = File)CONDOM USE AMONG TEENS IS UP, ACCORDING TO A LONGE-RANGE C-D-C SURVEY THAT TRACKS SEXUAL BEHAVIOR IN HIGH SCHOOLERS(GFX)ABOUT 60-PERCENT OF SEXUALLY ACTIVE TEENS REPORTED USING A CONDOM THE LAST TIME THEY HAD SEX.THAT'S UP 14-PERCENT FROM 20 YEARS AGO, BUT DOWN FROM A HIGH OF 63-PERCENT IN 2003.PROGRESS HAS STALLED, AND THE C-D-C SAYS A LACK OF PROPER SEX-ED MAY BE TO BLAME.(SOT - cdc intv)(SUPER = Dr. Kevin Fenton, Director, CDC HIV Prevention Center)"Over time, we've seen many school systems facing challenges with integrating HIV and sexual health programming into their school curriculum."THAT'S A PROBLEM WHEN 40-PERCENT OF NEW H-I-V INFECTIONS HAPPEN IN THOSE UNDER 30 YEARS OLD.(GFX)THE REPORT SAYS NEARLY HALF OF TEENS ARE SEXUALLY ACTIVE. THEY START ON AVERAGE AT AGE 16, HOWEVER THE STUDY ALSO FOUND...(SOT - cdc intv)"...more young people reporting delayed onset of sexual actitivy, reporting fewer numers of sexual partners."PROMOTING A SAFE SEX MESSAGE IS ONE FOCUS OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE GOING ON NOW IN WASHINGTON DC.(SOT - cdc intv)"Behavior is always going to be challenging to change, and it does require both a consistency of the messaging for successive generations of young people."FENTON SAYS THE YOUNG TEND TO THINK THEY'RE INVINCIBLE, AND NEED REMINDING THEY AREN'T.RITA FOLEY, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.