Catching Tuna with Light Gear
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you how to Catch Tuna with Light Gear.


Catching Tuna with Light Gear Dan Hernandez: My dad is just laying his fish and I got one going on. I got bait just as his fish is coming up to gap and my big way out there, fishing really light line, 20-pound test line and an international 975 reel by 10 and then the Dan Hernandez signature rod by Shakespeare. Just 20-pound test line and no leader, just straight 20 so just take my time. I think it’s a yellow fin but we’ll never know. So we can get some more fish. Yellow fin! Oh that pull is like kind of a bigger fish. It has the fish to color. Maybe he wanted to rinse some more. You know a bunch of fish around the boat now. You see a bit gathered running around our little boat. Here we go. We’ve got a yellow fin tuna so we’re trying to catch. The yellow fin tuna, the straight 20-pound test and just cut it soft. That’s the yellow fin tuna we just cut and my dad catches a little bit heavier gear 30 pound test. I got 20 pound test just using like calico bass rig or White Sea bass rig. This is the pin international 976 20-pound test line and then the Dan Hernandez signature rod by Shakespeare working great out there.