Career Tips - Using Summers to Prepare
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Learn how to choose the right career for you - How can I use my summers to prepare?


Host: How can I use my summers to prepare. Karen James Chopra: A lot of us had the summer jobs where we were life guarding or waiting tables or just doing something to make money to pay for college and although it’s nice if you can get an internship or a job in an area that you would like to pursue after college. But for many of us that’s simply not possible so if you’re just working as a local lifeguard, this is an opportunity to develop your work place skills. The things that go in your resume are the fact that you’re contentious and you’re reliable and that you know how to be responsible for the budget or responsible for opening and closing and that you’re going to have experience of the world of work. The employers are going to be able to bank on when they choose to hire you, so even your summer job can be useful in terms of developing the resume. The other thing that your summer job will you are the things that you’re interested in or not interested in. Okay, so you might not plan to be a lifeguard for the rest of your life but what specifically about life guarding have you most enjoyed and what specifically do you never want to do again and that can help you identify careers that you might want to look at.