Car Seat Travel Bag Review - DadLabs ep. 425
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Give Daddy the Pack Mule a break with this car seat travel bag. Daddy Troy goes over the features of this backpack/duffle that keeps the car seat clean and allows you two hands to deal with kids. Check out the two-wheel Drive. DadLabs ep. 425 Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy, I am your host Daddy Troy. This week we are reviewing the car seat travel tote by safe fit. There are three reasons why you might want to have some sort of bag to carry your car seat, and when you are traveling. The one number, the most important reason of all, if the bag has straps on it, it allows you to deal with your children rather then concentrating on carrying the car seat around. The second reason is that airports can be pretty germy and dirty place, as you have got a really nice car seat, like this Brightex model right here, why would you want to get it all dirty in the airport? Stick in the bag, it will stay clean. And the third reason is that it provides some sort of protection for the car seat. You don't want these straps or anything else getting caught in an escalator. So there are bunch of reasons why I like the car seat travel tote in particular. This especially designed bags actually is sown to the contours of a car seat. This bag has two straps rather than one. If you have just one strap, and you put it on, the thing bounces around like crazy, but with two it's much more stable. The straps are detachable, you will see right there. They are pretty easy to get off. It also has two handles on the top; you can see that right there, as well as wheels on the bottom, to allow it to roll through the airport. It's made of really sturdy nylon, and what's also really unique about this one -- there is another model that I have seen in which this is the part that actually goes on your back, the flat part. In this particular model here, the curved part goes against your back, and it actually fits really nicely with your back's contour. Check that up. Well, that's all this week for Gear Daddy. We will see you next week, and all week long at