Car Crash Victim Defies Odds to Walk Again
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A car crash on five years ago claimed the lives of Brock Mealer's father and left him paralyzed from the waist down. He was told by more than a few medical professionals that he'd never walk again. Mealer refused to take that advice sitting down. (Oct. 1)


[Location: PLYMOUTH, Mich.][Date: Sept. 19, 2012][Source: AP, Mike Householder][VO: Brock Mealer working out with trainer Mike Barwis; Barwis giving Mealer a hand up][VOICE-OVER]DOCTORS TOLD BROCK MEALER TOGET USED TO LIFE IN A WHEELCHAIR. GOOD THING FOR HIM, HE REFUSED TO TAKE THAT ADVICE SITTING DOWN[SOT/Mealer]("It just really in my mind comes to fruition that I accomplished this feat that a lot of people never thought I would. And it just makes me that much more confident every time that I walkfrom here to there.")[VO: Barwis helping Mealer stretch by sitting on his back][VOICE-OVER]AND HE NEVER WOULD HAVE DONESO WITHOUT MIKE BARWIS, WHO TRAINS SUPER BOWL- AND STANLEY CUP-WINNING ATHLETES AT HIS SUBURBAN DETROIT GYM[VO: Mealer walking; taking a drink from a water bottle][VOICE-OVER]BARWIS' PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT, HOWEVER, ISN'T WORKING WITH THOSE BIG NAME GUYS. IT'S HELPING MEALER TAKE A SINGLE STEP AND THEN SOME[Location: CLINTON, Ohio][Date: Sept. 21, 2012][VO: Intersection with cars stopping and driving by] [VOICE-OVER]IT WAS HERE AT THIS RURAL OHIO INTERSECTION THAT MEALER'S LIFE CHANGED FOREVER. A 90-YEAR-OLD RETIRED MINISTER BLEW THROUGH A STOP SIGN ON CHRISTMAS EVE 2007, T-BONING MEALER'S SUV, KILLING HIS DAD AND HIS BROTHER'S GIRLFRIEND. MEALER WAS PARALYZED FROM THE WAIST DOWN AND TOLD HE'D NEVER WALK AGAIN[Location: PLYMOUTH, Mich.][Date: Sept. 19, 2012][VO: Mealer working out][SOT/Barwis]("I got a lot of faith in God, and I got a lot of faith in Brock. I knew if those two were willing to do it, it would happen. Brock said, 'Heck, I'll come over and work out.' I kind of teased him a little. At one point, I said: 'Do you want to walk or not.")[VO: Mealer driving, workingout][VOICE-OVER]MEALER EAGERLY ACCEPTED THATCHALLENGE. HE DRIVES 90 MINUTES EACH WAY THREE DAYS A WEEK FROM HIS HOME INOHIO TO WORK WITH BARWIS, THE FORMER STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING COACH FOR THE WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN FOOTBALL TEAMS UNDER HEAD COACH RICH RODRIGUEZ[Location: ANN ARBOR, Mich.][Date: Sept. 24, 2012][VO: Stills of Rodriguez, Mealer touching the banner at a 2010 Michigan football game][VOICE-OVER]RODRIGUEZ INVITED MEALER TO LEAD THE WOLVERINES ONTO THE FIELD DURING THEIR 2010 SEASON OPENER. HE DID SO, STANDING AND TOUCHING THE TEAM'S BANNER WITH THE HELP OF TWO CANES AND LEG BRACES. HIS BROTHER, ELLIOTT, A RESERVE OFFENSIVE LINEMAN, STOOD NEXT TO HIM THAT DAY.[SOT/Elliott Mealer/Partially covered]("I can still remember, before he went into surgery, the doctor told him: 'There's a 99 percent chance that you'll never walk again.' Basically, he was telling him: 'You're not going to.' And I still remember seeing his face _ this is before surgery _ he kind of shrugged it off and just kind of nodded and said: 'Move on with whatever else you have to tell me.' And that's kind of the attitude he's kept from day one: He's going to walk.")[Location: PLYMOUTH, Mich.][Date: Sept. 19, 2012][VO: Mealer embarking on a 66-yard walk from one end of Barwis' gym to the other][VOICE-OVER]THIS SEASON, ELLIOTT MEALER FINALLY EARNED A STARTING SPOT ON THE LINE IN HIS FIFTH YEAR IN THE PROGRAM. AND BROCK RECENTLY ACCOMPLISHED HIS GOAL OF WALKING FROM ONE END OF BARWIS' GYM TO THE OTHER _ 66 YARDS IN ALL[VO: Barwis congratulating Mealer on his completion of the 66-yard walk][SOT/Mealer]("To get wall-to-wall is a huge relief to me.")[Location: WAUSEON, Ohio][Date: Sept. 21, 2012][VO: Mealer hugging his mother, Shelly Mealer][VOICE-OVER]AND IT WAS A HUGE SOURCE OF PRIDE FOR HIS MOTHER, SHELLY, WHO GOT TO SEE BROCK'S BIG WALK ON VIDEO[VO: Shelly Mealer watching footage of her son walking][NATSOT: Shelly Mealer: "Boy, he's doing so much better."][VO: Shelly and Brock Mealertalking][SOT/Shelly Mealer/Partiallycovered]("I knew that Brock would walk again, no matter how much doubt they fed us or told us.")[Location: PLYMOUTH, Mich.][Date: Sept. 19, 2012][VO: Mealer working out; Sign at Barwis Methods that reads: "192 Days Until Your Ass Walks Down the Aisle"[VOICE-OVER]ASIDE FOR WANTING TO BEAT THE ODDS, MEALER HAS BEEN WORKING TOWARD ANOTHER GOAL: HE WANTS TO BE ABLE TO WALK DOWN THE AISLE AT HIS WEDDING IN DECEMBER[SOT/Mealer]("That's what I'm really excited about is to start my new life with my wife and just see what I can accomplish.") [VO: Mealer walking][VOICE-OVER]ONE THING'S FOR SURE: NO ONE SHOULD EVER COUNT HIM OUT AGAIN[VO: Barwis playfully tosses a towel on top of Mealer's head][VOICE-OVER]MIKE HOUSEHOLDER, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN(****END****)ANCHOR VOICE: MIKE HOUSEHOLDER------------------------------------------------ANCHOR VOICE: MIKE HOUSEHOLDER------------------------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: AP/Mike Householder------------------------------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ALVA FRENCH------------------------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: NONE------------------------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO: NONE--------------------------------