Cannibal Corpse's Paul Mazurkiewicz on Being Inspired by KISS
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Paul Mazurkiewicz from Cannibal Corpse chats with about how he first got interested in music thanks to KISS, and how that band really drew him in as a fan. We also talk about his drum idols and what advice he has for young bands.


The fathers of death metal had to start somewhere, so who could possibly have influenced such an influential band? In this video, got the chance to speak with Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz while he was in town judging Heavy MTL’s Battle of the Bands . We discuss how he first got into music thanks to KISS, and how that legendary hard rock band used theatrics to draw him in as a fan. We also find out who his drum idols are, and we ask him what the most important piece of advice he ever got was to impart to young bands. For more information, click Here .