Candy Cane Trees
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A candy maker creates candy cane trees from ropes of hand-pulled candy.


Candy Cane Trees Marc Summers: Hi, welcome to Unwrapped. I’m Mark Summers. And today we are in a festive mood celebrating treats that make our holiday sweet. The candy cane is been a holiday tradition since 1670. Back then, a German Choir Master got the idea to bend peppermint sticks into the shape of a shepherd staff to keep children quiet. And today, there is a company giving the classic candy get another new twist. Take a look. Red white and sweet all over, the candy cane is one of the most beloved holiday traditions. In act, each year nearly 2 billion candy canes are made. In just outside Seattle, Washington the elegant gourmet is giving the classic candy cane a new shape. It’s called “The Candy Cane Tree” combining two holiday favorites, the Christmas tree and the candy cane. Louisa Davis: The process for designing the trees came actually when I was lying in bed. I was thinking a Christmas trees for Christmas we could wrap the rope of the candy cane around the Christmas tree. Marc Summers: To make this tasty trees, workers must first cook up a batch of candy. The recipe begins with sugar and corn syrup. The mixture cooks bubbling hot in an old fashion copper kettle. Once the candy reaches 315 degrees, it pours out onto a water cool table then red and white coloring blend in. Next, the slab is cut into sections which turn over and over until they’re cool enough to handle. The largest portion of candy drops onto a pulling machine and a dab of red coloring quickly transforms it to pink. This is also where the flavor comes in. Peppermint flavor pours on this portion which makes up the center of the candy cane. Meanwhile, a smaller white portion is put on a taffy hook. Here, it pulls by hand adding air and giving the candy a bright white color. The red white pieces come together and are cut into three sections. All three then attached side by side. The red and white jacket wrap around the pink bundle then moves to the batch roller. Emery Dorsey: Basically, the batch roller is a canvass, a machine that rolls on two rollers. You put the candy and the canvass and there’s a little heat to keep the candy warm and pliable. That is just the candy maker pulling out the right amount of rope, the right size of rope. Marc Summers: The roof is cut with scissors and quickly coils around the Christmas tree forms. Louisa Davis: Once, the candy cane is pulled, they have seconds to wrap that around and that’s where the skill comes in. It is a funny dance between hot and cold when you're making candy because you know the candy cools very quickly and that’s the art of it. Marc Summers: Elegant Gourmet makes about a million candy canes each year. And a lot goes when you growing this trees. Each little one is wrapped with around 12 candy canes while the large trees contain 55. But no matter the size, each one is grown with a tender technique. Louisa Davis: It’s a last part and that we’re trying to do is preserve the art of candy making.