Canadian Import Safety Requirements
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Those traveling abroad may find on their return trip home that some of the things they purchased out-of-country aren’t allowed here at home. Products like hockey helmets, baby walkers and even novelty candles need to meet Canadian safety requirements before being allowed in the country.


Male: Most of us when we plan for a trip outside Canada, put a great deal of thought into what will take with us but we should also be thinking about what we might bring back. Many people setting off on a visit to the United States or other international destinations are not aware there are restrictions on consumer products they bring back into Canada. Male: Well, I think the travelers can be surprised the consumer products could be detained at the boarder if these are bond in Canada or they do not meet labeling requirements. For example, baby walkers. We often come across people returning to Canada who have purchased these baby walkers outside the country. These are bond here because of the danger they post to young children. Traveler should be aware that another countries, their requirements may differ from those in Canada. When products come in Canada, through land, sea or air, they must meet Canadian requirements. Male: Health Canada had issued a booklet called “Bringing Consumer Products into Canada” containing a partial list of consumer products that are prohibited for sale or importation into Canada. They are subject to being detained at the boarder. Some bond products infant self feeding devices. This present a choking hazard to babies, yo-yo balls which post a risk of strangulation novelty candles and relights spontaneously once distinguished to carry beans which are poisonous that are often part of art work in jewelry purchased in the Caribbean. Male: Those who travels the virtual world into the cross boarder shopping online should be aware with the same rules applied. For example, you may find a great deal on something like Hockey Helmets or other sports related equipment. But you need to be aware that if the item is to be imported or brought into Canada, it must meet our safety requirements. Male: Consumer should visit the website, for more information on bond and regulated products. The site explains the safety in labeling requirements for things like cribs and strollers, children sleepwear, toys and play pans. It also provides details on which products are bond. A little preparation before you take off, we’ll insure you won’t be disappointed when you return for a copy of the booklet, bringing consumer products into Canada, please call 1 -866-662-0666. `