Can You Take Your Daughter into the Men's Room?
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Ep. 362 The Lounge -- In this episode, we ask our panel of expert and experienced parents the following question: "Is it okay for moms to take boys into women's restrooms, and dads to take daughters in the men's?" We discuss the public potty problem. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Clay: Hey, welcome back moms and dads to the DadLabs Lounge. I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: You know we are out of here at Freddie’s place just having a couple of called pops, cheeses and barbecue, talking about parenting. I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Owen: I am daddy Owen and today’s question is do you take your daughters to the men’s room or do you take your son to the ladies’ room. Daddy Clay: So, can you take your daughter to the men’s room. Female: Totally. The only bummer is that of course men’s rooms are usually much more disgusting than women’s rooms. Male: If I know what the bathroom looks like but usually bad, I do not go to the men’s room with daughter. Male: I’d give her the choice actually, when we get to the restrooms, and I’d say, “Would you like to go into the girls’ room by yourself or in the boys’ room with daddy?” Female: I definitely had a few thoughts about men’s room toilets because I have on occasion had to use a men’s room and that is not a fun place to pee. Male: She gets kind of frightened. Male: Taking my daughter into a men’s room is pretty disgusting. Daddy Owen: And why are men’s room so much more disgusting? Daddy Clay: And ever would you just say your bathroom looks so disgusting, you would really be better off just peeing yourself. Daddy Owen: The strangest experience I have had recently was in a coffee shop where the coed bathroom was a little place. Arden uses the toilet and then you know I said, “Well, I know I need to go.” Arden says, “Daddy, daddy can I touch your penis?” “No, Arden, you cannot.” “Okay, I will just look at it” and then I opened the door to the person standing waiting to you at the bathroom. And I’m like— Daddy Clay: Is there a particular cut off age you think they stop going? Female: I talked to the pediatrician about what age, and she said probably around three. Female: This is the point in which you trust them to go alone into their own restroom without their parents. Male: They’re probably reaching the time where you know, it has to change. Daddy Owen: Well, like at age 16, she has to go to the laser. Male: Right, right. Female: At three, you need to go just with the mommy into the bathroom. Daddy Brad: If you were at the bar or something, you would not send your daughter into the bathroom by herself. Female: Oh, non-smoking bars, it is great. Daddy Brad: You can take kids to non-smoking bars because the only thing harmful about a bar is the smoke! Yes, I’m loving that. Daddy Clay: So if you are a guy and you are taking a whiz, some dude walks in with his daughter, I mean is that uncomfortable? I mean— Daddy Brad: No, that is like saying why would it be uncomfortable. Daddy Clay: You know like when you do some special shield here. Daddy Owen: “You are smaller than daddy.” What are you afraid of? Daddy Brad: “Look at that little thing!” Daddy Owen: “Daddy, it looks like a baby!” Daddy Owen: Well we have learned a lot about the lavatory today in the lounge. Thanks for joining us. Daddy Brad: And I have been holding it this whole segment. Daddy Clay: If you have got some thoughts about this rather uncomfortable subject, please drop us a comment on this video, join us on the community at and share your thoughts with us. That is all we have got this week here in The Lounge.