Can Sun Exposure Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer
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Dr. Marc Sorenson shares if sun exposure in young women canc reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.


Oh, absolutely, at least a 35 percent decreased risk as adults. So it’s very important for young girls to get out and play like young girls should in the sunlight; that’s natural. If those who believe in evolution, you know, we are talking about millions of years of evolution in the sun, and we take that sun away, we take away vitamin D which is really the most potent steroid hormone in the human body. And if we don’t have that, we become ill. In my book, I have delineated information on 105 different diseases which relate very closely to vitamin D deficiency, and some of them are stronger than others, and some of them need more research, but it appears that it’s one of the most critical health problems that we have in modern society.