Cameron Douglas Sentenced to Jail
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Michael Douglas was spotted sombrely leaving court with ex-wife Diandra after son Cameron was sentenced to five years in jail for drug charges.


Cameron Douglas Sentenced to Jail Michael Douglas and ex-wife Diandra exited the Manhattan Federal Court after son Cameron Douglas was sentenced to five years in prison for conspiracy to distribute drugs. The 65-year-old actor struggled to make it through the throng of cameras and remained mom while reporters fired away with the questions. But the news that his 31-year-old son would be heading to jail was not far behind. Cameron, who pled guilty in January to the drug charges, was arrested last summer at a hotel in Manhattan for allegedly attempting to smuggle large amounts of meth and cocaine from California to New York. At that time, he was also in possession of heroine. The judge who called the five years sentence Cameron’s last chance to make it went lied on the celebutante giving him only half of the mandatory minimum 10-year term for the conspiracy charge. But we guess that’s what 37 letters of support from famous relatives like grandpa Kirk Douglas and step mom Catherine Zeta-Jones can do for a guy.