Calif. Mayor Faces New Sexual Misconduct Claims
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Another former congressman is mired in scandal involving women. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, 70, faces a lawsuit that he sexually harassed one of his staffers, two other women have also come forward. (July 25)


DURATION: 1:48-----------------------------------------SHOTLIST:AP -- AP CLIENTS ONLY1. STILL, Mayor Bob FilnerKPBS -- MANDATORY COURTESY "KPBS EXCLUSIVE"2. SOUNDBITE: Morgan Rose, Filner AccuserAP -- AP CLIENTS ONLY3. STILL, Bob Filner, as US CongressmanKPBS -- MANDATORY COURTESY "KPBS EXCLUSIVE"4. SOUNDBITE: Morgan Rose, Filner AccuserPOOL -- AP CLIENTS ONLYSan Diego -- July 22, 20135. Wide of Gloria Allred and Irene McCormack Jackson6. SOUNDBITE: Irene McCormack Jackson, Filner AccuserCITY OF SAN DIEGO HANDOUT -- COURTESY7. SOUNDBITE: Mayor Bob Filner, (D) San DiegoAP -- AP CLIENTS ONLY8. STILL: Mayor Bob FilnerSan Diego -- July 24, 20139. SOUNDBITE: Prof. Carl Luna, Mesa College Political ScientistPOOL -- AP CLIENTS ONLYWashington -- July 25, 201310. Zoom in, Rep. Nancy PelosiAP -- AP CLIENTS ONLYNew York -- July 25, 201311. Anthony Weiner at news conferencePOOL -- AP CLIENTS ONLYWashington -- July 25, 201312. SOUNDBITE: Rep. Nancy Pelosi, (D) Minority LeaderAP -- AP CLIENTS ONLYSan Diego -- July 24, 201313. Various San Diego scenesVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:THE MAYOR OF SAN DIEGO IS FACING INCREASING CALLS TO RESIGN AFTER A THIRD WOMAN HAS ACCUSED HIM OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT.SOUNDBITE: MORGAN ROSE, FILNER ACCUSERhe tried to move my face toward his to kiss me on the mouthMORGAN ROSE SAYS SHE MET WITH THEN-CONGRESSMAN BOB FILNER IN 2009 TO DISCUSS CHILD WELFARE.SOUNDBITE: MORGAN ROSE, FILNER ACCUSERhis face just became rather strange and was staring at me and then said you're eyes have bewitched me and it was just a surreal momentEARLIER THIS WEEK, FILNER'S FORMER COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR IRENE MCCORMACK JACKSON FILED SUIT--claiming FILNER ASKED HER TO WORK WITHOUT PANTIES, DEMANDED KISSES, TOLD HER HE WANTED TO SEE HER NAKED AND DRAGGED HER IN A HEADLOCK WHILE WHISPERING IN HER EAR. SOUNDBITE: Irene McCormack Jackson, Filner Accuserthe past 6 months turned out to be the worst time of my entire working life.SOUNDBITE: MAYOR BOB FILNER, SAN DIEGOI am embarassed to admit that i have failed to fully respect the women who work for me and with me and at times i have intimidated them.THE MAYOR released this video TWO WEEKS AGO APOLOGIZING. IT CAME AFTER A FORMER COUNCILWOMAN AND ONETIME FILNER SUPPORTER SAID SHE HAD RECEIVED CREDIBLE EVIDENCE THAT HE HAD HARASSED WOMEN.SOUNDBITE: CARL LUNA, MESA COLLEGE POLITICAL SCIENTIST: "Filner's trying to write a new page in the political playbook. Typically when you're caught in a scandal as with Mr. Weiner, you resign. You rehabilitate. You come back. He's trying to skip all that and do a comeback while in office."THURSDAY, HOUSE MINORITY LEADER NANCY PELOSI HAD HARSH WORDS FOR FILNER AND ANTHONY WEINER--THE NEW YORK CITY MAYORAL CANDIDATE FIGHTING HIS OWN SEX SCANDAL.SOUNDBITE; REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-MINORITY LEADERThe conduct of some of these people we're talking about is reprehensible. It is so disrespectful of women. FILNER HAS LARGELY DODGED REPORTERS. MEANWHILE, LOCAL DEMOCRATS ARE SCHEDULED TO MEET THURSDAY EVENING TO RECONSIDER THEIR SPLIT DECISION LAST WEEK ON ASKING FILNER TO RESIGN.MATT FRIEDMAN. ASSOCIATED PRESS.--------------------------------------------------------------------