Cakes Ideas for Your Wedding
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Wedding Cake: Wedding Experts - Cake Boy Eric Lanlard gives us an insight into cakes for your big day.


I always wanted to be a pastry chef so you know, but since I’m getting closer to the age of 40 now. And about at the age of 5 or 6, I knew already I wanted to be a pastry chef. All my life I wanted to do it, so it’s always been a dream come true really. Now we’re on the new phase of the business where we just built our studio and we put additional kitchen to this new place in Battersea Reach where we got, you know, people who now are able to walk-in taste all the cake. Eat them here or buy them to take home, and at the same time we’re going to start some cooking classes so if you want to make your own wedding cake you can learn how to do it as well so, that should be fun as well when you know it’s done. We’ve all been to weddings, you know, we may wonder what the cake look like but definitely we can’t remember what it tastes like or because it was not nice or taste like or you know, were drank, too busy dancing, or you know, having a good time and then don’t realize he’s being served and you know. The following morning you find some dried slices on the top of the counter or wrapped in a paper napkin in your pocket. So, people come to us and they say, “Right I’m going to spend so much money but I want a cake that would taste nice.” and I want my guest to go like “Wow!” There’s nothing wrong with, you know, fruit cakes, I mean I love a good slice of fruit cake and I think the main problem is people are so used to have some bad ones. I ate so many bad fruit cake around it’s either very dry, crumbly with no fruit inside. So that’s why people try to keep away from it, and then, but these days there’s so many option from carrot cake to lemon cake to raspberry and cream with a chocolate, mint, you know, it starts with your imagination really. And of course you can do different layers so, you know, if you want to please the oldies with the fruit cake let’s do it, you know, have one tiered fruit cake and surprise all the elders with them, something much lighter. So here we are, another exciting day in the kitchen you know. Friday, big day because tomorrow’s Saturday, always the busiest time for weddings, wedding cakes and I’m just doing the finishing touch of this design here that was a double layered marble effect cake with chocolate cigars mixed together. It’s just a brand new design we just created and I’m just going to finish the boat, the boat is actually made out of chocolate as well. It’s a mixture of chocolate and glucose so you can use it like a, what you call it, like play doe really, but of course it’s edible not like play doe. The good thing about a cake like this, you will be able to serve it as a dessert. So inside, you know, like in the bottom we got a mixture of milk and dark chocolate mousse, and the white chocolate tier actually has got layers of raspberry and the cream was a mixture of cream with mascarpone cheese. It’s a lovely dessert we supply a coolly to serve with it so, it’s really, you know, a complete dessert final touch was just putting the final tier on the top with the kind of marble effect we manage by just pouring some dark chocolate ganache on white chocolate ganache together allow them to drip together and mix to get this stunning look. A budget is always a difficult part of the wedding and, you know, everybody wants something spectacular but, you know, if you’re on the budget is way to make it work. One more fashionable, anyway but anybody who’s not even on a budget is to use the cake as a dessert for your reception. You save the money of the wedding cakes with the dessert so you end up with a kind of larger budget for your cake. Or the way to do it as well is you know, do it yourself. A wedding without a cake, I don’t know it’s like a broad without the wedding vest. I expect you have to have it. Some people now is trying to do some kind of cheese wedding cakes and everything and to be honest, you know, do you want to sit in a room where for 6 hours we’ve got a block of cheese piled on top of each other with just the smell now stick to the cake all in, much better.