Buying a Stroller
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Jeanette Pavini is here to talk about a few great ways to save on those expensive strollers this year.


Buying a Stroller Audra Lowe: Jeanette Pavini is here with some better ways to save on the wheels, bring a baby. Jeanette Pavini: There are a lot of options when it comes to strollers and there is no one size, fits all answer. You’ll find travels with baby will be a lot easier if you answer some questions first and then find the best deal based on what you need rather than the price. Now no matter which kind of stroller you want, ask yourself. Will the stroller fit in you car? Does it fold easily? Can it work with the car seat? Can you lift it and can it handle the weather in your area? Larger wheels are good for hills and parks. Now they’re usually made of rubber so they’re heavier. Smaller wheels are easier to get in and out of cars and on busy narrow streets but can be made of foam and not last as long. And just like cars that go on sale, when the new models come in it’s the same for strollers. You can really save if you go with last year’s models and designs. Now once you find the stroller you want, don’t forget to search online for coupons and coupon codes. Audra Lowe: You might have some unclaimed cash out there that you don’t know about and on Friday, Jeanette has some great ways to track it all down.