Butterfly Bungalow Science Kit Review
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Kids love bugs. So why not give them a chance to learn more about insects with a great science kit? In this episode of Gear Daddy, the dads review the Butterfly Bungalow kit. This product lets children create their own butterfly garden.


Male: Bugs, they're not just for eating anymore. You can actually raise them. Kids love bugs, they love to have fun with them. We’re here with Kurt Henninger from Insect Lore, he's going to tell us about this really cool insect kits. Kurt: Now Insect Lore has been known for our live butterfly kits for 40 years now. Our newest item is a butterfly bungalow which is a habitat that let kids get inside and play with their butterflies. Male: How cool is that? How cool is that? You get in there with the bugs. That’s awesome. Kurt: Yeah, so you start out with some caterpillars and all the food they need to grow in the vial. Then you watch them go through their metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. So you're outside of it here and inside of it there. Male: Very cool. You guys have other kits? Is that the number one deal for you? Kurt: This has been our flagship item for the last 40 years. But we do meal worms, ants, and lady bugs. We can take a look at our lady bugs land in here too. Male: Cool. Lady bugs, raise your own butterflies. Crawl in there and play with them. Great kit from Insect Lore.