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Let's face it, most moms are busy and sometimes primping before going out gets put on the back burner. We took two moms and showed them some quick makeup and hair tips they can incorporate into their busy-mom lifestyles.


Audra Lowe: Let’s face it. Most moms are busy and sometimes cramping before you go out, gets put on the back burner but we took two moms and show to them some quick makeup and hair tips that they can incorporate into their busy mom lifestyles. Take a look. Gregg Giannillo: Even busy moms can leave the house looking their best with the right makeup and hair tips that is. Amanda Belle: That’s right! Gregg Giannillo: I’m Gregg Giannillo, stylist and owner of Gianillo the Salon and I’m here with Amanda Belle, international makeup artist for Pixi. And today, we’re going to show a couple of moms, how to leave the house looking their best. Amanda Belle: Hi, Maya. So, what do you like us to do today? Maya: Well, I have under eye circles because I don’t sleep so much. I have $20.00. Amanda Belle: How old are they? Maya: They’re two. So, I like natural but glowing. Amanda Belle: One of the reasons why we use a primer—is that any base that you put on lasts for longer. And then I’m using a compact foundation. Well, I’m just using a little bit of the pink which just neutralizes the blue tones and takes away the circles. I’m going to use a mineral powder. This is the lumi lux bronzer. You can mix and just take a brush. I’m mixing the colors together so that you get this really flattering volumes, let’s stir over a minute and the—using is black with a touch of blue. There we go, what do you think? Maya: Oh, wow! Amada Belle: New you! Maya: Absolutely! Amada Belle: Do you like? Maya: Yes, it’s definitely perfect. Gregg Giannillo: Hi, Maya. Nice to meet you! Maya: Nice to meet you too. Gregg Giannillo: Welcome to my salon makeup. You look so beautiful. Maya: Oh, wonderful. Thank you. Gregg Giannillo: I feel really great so let’s talk about your hair next. Maya: Yes! My hair is very super curly and super frozy. It’s always little dry. I have a problem doing—but I really want to get the look. Gregg Giannillo: So, that’s the look that you’d like to take? Maya: Yes. Gregg Giannillo: You wrap the hair around the iron. You get a more natural look. And part of that natural look is that if you notice a little bit of the hair’s left out in my fingers so that gives you that straighter effect on the bottom. You have two different types of wave here, one is a little bit tighter, smaller, and one is a little bit larger and loser. Do you think you could do this at home? Maya: Yes, absolutely! Amanda Belle: Hi, Yvette. So, we’re going to do your makeup today. So, tell me a little bit about your lifestyle and what you want me to do today? Yvette: Well, I’m a working mom. Amanda Belle: Okay. Yvette: And I travel quite a bit. So, what I want is a really refreshed look. Amanda Belle: One of the things I want to use on you today is it’s kind of like an oily morning. It’s a tinted moisturizer sunscreen and a matching concealer in them. So, a little bit of powder. This is the smokey eye primer. And this thing is a natural kind of application of color. To mix it up a little bit, I’m going to use a real kind of bright color for this season. I’m going to blend that down and smirk it up a little bit. Now you’re done, a little bit fresh place and a little bit different. Gregg Giannillo: So tell me something, is this your natural texture of your hair? Yvette: Yes! Gregg Giannillo: Your schedule must be really— Yvette: Yeah! Well you know, it’s hectic and honestly it’s like I want a rally good haircut that I can like let it go for a good six months. Gregg Giannillo: What you have, there is shorter areas in it, shorter hair in the bang area will just evolve into a face frame later on after four to six months or something like that. I take a backup to here to give you more shape around the face and then add a little bit more layer on the top of the crown. I think it will keep it easy, it will keep it fresh. Yvette: I can put in a ponytail if I want. Gregg Giannilllo: Yes! Yvette: Exactly! Gregg Giannillo: Yeah! Audra Lowe: And for more moms on the go beauty advice, you can check out Parents TV at parents.com. We’ll be right back.