Bubbly Holiday Cocktails
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What is a holiday party without some bubbly? Maria Hunt, author of The Bubbly Bar is here to show us some great signature cocktails for your holiday party, and help set the mood with a little bubbly 101.


Audra Lowe: Welcome back to Better. Hi! Everybody I'm Audra Lowe coming up next your chance to win a warm and beautiful designer jacket. Also Carrie Underwood life lessons but first what's holiday party without a little bit bubbly got to have that right. Maria Hunt is here. She's the author of the Bubbly Bar and Maria is going to show us some great signature cocktails for your holiday party and also set the mood with a little Bubbly 101 and we have might to see and pick up the tab for your bar but you just never now you got to watch and win right, maybe thicken up the tap. Maria Hunt: Maybe. Audra Lowe: It could be a lot of money before you never know. Before we get started what the difference between sparkling wine and champagne? Maria Hunt: Well, champagne only comes from that one region that's northeast of Paris. Everything else with bubbles is a sparkling wine. Audra Lowe: Easy enough to remember. Maria Hunt: Just like that. Audra Lowe: Just as simple as that too and then and you have some great international sparkling wines here. Maria Hunt: Right, effervescent drinks, they are not all wines but I do have. The first one actually is a sparkling sake. It comes from Japan. It's the same way as regular sake except when it's still fermenting they put it in a bottle and that traps the bubbles inside. This is an American group bubbly. It's a by Iron Horse. It's Russian Covey, which was recently served at the White House in July at the Ambassador’s reception. This is a Prosecco which comes from that region north you know northern Italy. It's the one that Joyce had in the Bellini cocktail with peach nectar—definitely really great alternative and then Cava comes from Spain. This one is by Juve y Camps and it's a Brut nature which means a style that has no sugar added and it's really delicate, delicious wine. Audra Lowe: So which one do you prefer when you're making your drinks? Do you have preference? Maria Hunt: I use all of them. Audra Lowe: You're really like all of them? Maria Hunt: Yes, they’re tends in my drink and they can defense of my mood. But I do use Prosecco a lot that’s what you're going to be using today the Mionetto Prosecco is really nice. Just because it's a really light crisp wine, it's very easy accessible as well and it's very affordable. Usually you can find a Prosecco for anywhere from $8.00 to $15.00 at most grocery stores. Audra Lowe: And before you get to that because we got to open it up. We got to show people the right way because the cork has enough wet as it power behind it's like a bullet, right? Maria Hunt: Right it's like a bullet leaving the barrel of the gun, you know bottle of champagne. Audra Lowe: I think I've shot a few windows out myself, so I'm going to let you do this. Maria Hunt: And they can get away from you so first what you're doing is you want to have make sure you have napkin or a cloth handy and you take off the foil from the outside, you'll see. Audra Lowe: See I'm already nervous. Maria Hunt: We’ll see what happens since we don’t have any ice today. So we’re going to undo that wire cage and this is when your hand over that you do under that hands. Audra Lowe: Keep you hand over it at this point in time. Maria Hunt: Right keep your hand over it to keep it steady. Audra Lowe: Okay. Maria Hunt: And this when you have your napkin come in and then you hold your cork with the one hand and twist the bottle away from the cork to remove it. Audra Lowe: I'm glad you're not pointing it at me. Maria Hunt: But just in case, there we go. Audra Lowe: Oh, not so bad. Maria Hunt: Successful, I like that. I've been blunt in it like you do. There’s a soft pop that you get, not a hug explosion. Audra Lowe: Okay, now what kind of foods go best with these types of drinks? Maria Hunt: All kinds of great foods, fun, snacky things you know French fries. Audra Lowe: Softie drinks maybe. Maria Hunt: Salty a little bit greasy, crunchy, potato chips, seafood is a classic pairing all kinds of shellfish, cracked crab, shrimp with sparkling wine. Audra Lowe: You're making me hungry, right now. Maria Hunt: And then, then we can get also that if you have a wine that has some more like Pinot Noir which is a red grape in it that gets in to richer foods like you know roasted pork or duck. Audra Lowe: Right. Maria Hunt: I live barbecue ribs with the blue root rose. Audra Lowe: So you're going to make this drink for us right now, it had to go with that food which one are you going to make. Maria Hunt: I'm going to make a drink called the lava lamb and it's one of the easiest drinks in the book Bubbly Bar and it starts this pomegranate liquor and it really captures the natural taste of pomegranates in, that sweet tart flavor. So you're going to add on ounce of the pome, if you don’t have a measuring for cocktail you can just a tablespoon, it's two tablespoons and then you're going to top it off with some of your brute. Audra Lowe: And this is really to taste. Maria Hunt: Sparkling wine. Audra Lowe: It depends on how much you want in there, correct? Maria Hunt: Exactly but I usually use about an ounce because it should have kind of a reddish color and you get some of the pomegranate flavor. Audra Lowe: Thank you so much, Maria. Maria Hunt: Oh! Thank you for having me, good to have you here. Audra Lowe: And lucky for us Maria is given away some of this goodies on the table. If you guys want to enter the contest all you have to do is go to BetterTV.com, watch the segment called Bubbly Bar giveaway and then click on the click to win button just below the story.