BT – Best Electronic Dance Album Nominee 2011 – Grammys Guided by TurboTax
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Description Celebrity interview with BT, Grammy 2011 nominee for Best Electronic / Dance Album, on being the Godfather of Trance and getting advice from Peter Gabriel - backstage at the 2011 Grammys presented by TurboTax, your official guide to the Grammys 2011.


"Shira Lazar: Hey, it's Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys, brought to you by Turbo Tax with BT nominated for best electronics. Best dance album. BT: Yep Shira Lazar: I love it. I love electronic music. BT: It's pretty amazing what's happened with electronic music and culture in this country over the last several years. Shira Lazar: Yeah. BT: You know, I really feel like it's reached a tipping point I mean, for a while, like in the late nineties acts like The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers it was like on the cover of Rolling Stone and they were saying electronica is gonna rule America. It never really fully connected. I mean, Moby you know sold millions of copies. I love Moby too. He's a friend of mine, but watching the Superbowl half-time show a week ago really it congealed for me. It was like, it happened. It really happened. It has reached a super saturation, a tipping point. Shira Lazar: Well, it's on it's underground. BT: Yeah God absolutely. Shira Lazar: You know when David Guetta won all those awards last year I think it showed where the industry was headed. BT: Yeah. For sure. So it's super exciting. It's something I've been a part of for years and believe in so it's pretty rad. Shira Lazar: You're known as the godfather of dance or of trans. BT: I hear that one quite a bit. Shira Lazar: Did you peg yourself as that? [laughter] BT: Yeah I get on my Wikipedia page. No, I've heard that one and that's an honor honestly. You know, to be affiliated with a associated with something that's gone on to be impactful, sort of in the world of music culture. Shira Lazar: Definitely. You travel a lot, but you live, I was surprised you lived like on a farm you said. BT: Yeah I do. Shira Lazar: Which is surprising. You obviously do some sort of crazy music and live a hectic lifestyle a bit. BT: I do sort of live a hectic lifestyle, but you're talking to somebody that does Pilates three times a week and stuff. Shira Lazar: So you’re a Zen trans man. BT: Very much so, yeah. Absolutely. I spend a lot of time in the woods. Shira Lazar: So that's where you get inspiration. BT: Yeah, absolutely really it is. I like going to a place that's quiet and getting fueled up and then going to Shanghai and performing. It's nice, I love being there. Shira Lazar: What is next for you? BT: Next up, I actually I shouldn't say who it's with, but I’m getting ready to sign on to do another film. I haven't done a film in a while. Shira Lazar: Oh wow. BT: So I did the music for The Fast and Furious and for Monster. A bunch of movies. Shira Lazar: Yeah. BT: So, I love doing that because I'm a classical music brat. So getting to conduct an orchestra is really rewarding. You can't do it on an electronic music album. It costs millions of dollars so you have to be working with a big studio to do something like that. So I'm excited to do that. I'm going to do that over the course of the next year. Shira Lazar: Oh wow. BT: Then I sold my software company to, it's called Sonic Architects. I sold it to Isotope this year and our first product came out, stud-rite. It's blowing up. Lot of great stuff going on. Shira Lazar: That's a lot of great stuff. BT: Yeah, real excited to be here. Celebrate this, this is a real moment for me. Shira Lazar: It is and you should enjoy it. So do you have one person that's guided you in your career? Someone you've gone to for expert advice. BT: You know I have a couple people, but one of the people that actually springs to mind immediately is Peter Gabriel. Shira Lazar: That's a pretty good mentor. BT: He's givin' me some incredibly sage words of wisdom over the years. i met Peter about twelve years ago now and he's not someone I get to see as much as I'd like to see. As much as I'd like to see him, however that being said, the things that he's said to me have been so ultimately correct and rewarding so I would definitely say him. Shira Lazar: Well I'm sure he'll be proud of you tonight. No, Sunday. BT: Yeah. Shira Lazar: at the Grammys. BT: Right on. Shira Lazar: And Congratulations. BT: Thank you very much. Thanks for having me. Shira Lazar: Enjoy. BT: Cool. Shira Lazar: Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you step by step to the maximum refund you deserve. "