Bruce Willis Is the Favorite
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At the Sundance premiere of his latest film, 'Lay the Favorite,' director Stephen Frears reveals why he is so impressed by his leading man, while Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall discuss singing in the car together. (Jan.23)


SHOTLIST (including transcript):-AP EntertainmentPark City, Utah, 21 January 20121. Wide of Bruce Willis entering the theatre2. Bruce Willis greets director Stephen Frears 3. SOUNDBITE (English) Stephen Frears/Director, on Bruce Willis making an independent film:"I don't understand all things like that. He is a very clever man, Bruce. He read the script and thought it was good. He is very smart. You all think he is an action hero but he is not. He is a very good actor and very smart guy."Emmett Furla Films4. Film clip: "Lay the Favorite"AP EntertainmentPark City, Utah, 21 January 20125. SOUNDBITE (English) Bruce Willis/Actor:"Sing in the film? Oh well but no, don't go by that. We're just goofing around. It's not real singing."(Reporter: We're not going back into the studio.)Willis:"Oh good Lord no."Emmett Furla Films6. Film clip: "Lay the Favorite"AP EntertainmentPark City, Utah, 21 January 20127. (Reporter: Can you tell us about this film tonight because there is already a buzz.)Willis:"Whimsical. You know what? Acting is a strange thing? It is a weird thing and in retrospect I probably shouldn't have..."(Reporter: Stopped to talk to me?)AP EntertainmentPark City, Utah, 21 January 20128. SOUNDBITE (English) Rebecca Hall/Actress, on playing a different character:"It's unlike anything I have ever done in my entire life and probably will ever do. I mean I look different, I sound different and it was a bizarre experience to get spray tanned three times a week and wear tiny butt crazy shorts, pink tank tops. Nobody expects to really see me like that."(Reporter: And singing in a car with Bruce Willis.)Hall:"Yeah, that doesn't happen. (Laughs)"9. Mid of cast posing on the red carpet