British Colonial Coffee Table
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Newlyweds Greg and Michelle Deeb get a grown-up facelift for a crowded house as Carter builds a British colonial coffee table with woven mahogany panels.


Male: We want to give the Deebs some customer furniture for the den so Michelle and I are getting started on building the coffee table that will fit her British colonial style. First we’ve got to make the legs. I made this little patter and the reason I’ve done this, when you want to make a leg that has a lot of detail in it, you make one half of it because then you can flip it over to trace out the other half so it mirrors the other image. I’m tracing the image onto to pieces of birch plywood. Then I can use a jigsaw to cut out the legs and right here, we have a hole where the jigsaw can't get in. So what I’m going to do is put a half inch drillbit at the end of my drill and I’m going to drill the hole. Then my jigsaw bit will fit right in. we’re finishing up the legs by smoothing the edges with a --. Now we’re putting them together with a custom top that Jake and Greg built using plywood in custom molding. So basically the legs are set in right into this little rig ridge here but these trimmed pieces are really going to make sure that it sets in nice and tight so that adds even more support than what’s already there. A little glue and a few nails and the legs are in place. Alright now the legs are nice and stable and you have couple of options as you put legs in and one would be to actually sink screws in and that will hold it nice and tight but we’re going to put a center shell and this is going to give a whole lot more support. Female: Then also extra space. Male: Extra storage too. The entire team put a lot of work into creating a coffee table with a British colonial feel. Michelle and I created the legs, Jake and Greg make the top and Jeannie stained it. Earlier, I made woven panels from strips of mahogany to dress the table up and now I’m getting them in place. As these strips of wood are so thin, I used a nailer and pressing the nail straight through wouldn’t hold these woven patterns on at all so I’m using this upholstery stapler, that way the staples hold this nice and tight. We wanted to give the Deebs some custom furniture so we built a new coffee table. Male: I love that. Male: Greg I want you to be very proud of your wife because she made that table. That’s custom made by her. Female: I used two power tools.