Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat Review
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In this episode of Gear Daddy, Daddy Troy travels to the ABC Baby Expo for an overview of the latest infant car seat from Britax, the Britax Chaperone. These car seats are designed with a number of baby safety features including an anti-rebound bar and an innovative headrest design. When used as a baby carrier, the infant seat has an ergonomic design making it easier for parents to carry their child.


Daddy Troy: Welcome back to DadLabs. I am Daddy Troy. Today we are with Sebastian, we are at the ABC Baby Show in Las Vegas and he represents Britax. And they have some of the safest car seats on the market. They've got a new one that you want hear about. It's called the Chaperone. Stick around for after the break. Sebastian: When people first look at the Chaperone carrier, what they first normally see is this large bar here. What this does, is it's called an anti-rebound bar. And rebound what that is basically the force that happens after a frontal impact. Now in a frontal impact, which is the most common type of impact, there rebound is pretty dramatic and what happens is without a bar like this, the infant carrier can actually rotate all the way and that can strike the back of the vehicle seat. Daddy Troy: Right. Even when it's put in pretty, it still can do that. This one won’t do that, because it has this rebound bar. Another thing I see on this one is it's got this really wide handle across the top. Sebastian: What we did is we engineered the angle to be very ergonomically correct. So what it does is, you will notice there are flat spots that get wider, it gets thinner, if it spreads the surface area out over the forearm. If notice inside here you see a headrest system. The headrest design has been proven to really help in terms of side impact protection. Now what this does is this adjusts the shoulder harness height. Daddy Troy: So you don’t have to take the harness out in order to adjust it. Because I have had one before with a different brand where you actually do remove those things, and it's such a pain to take the whole thing out, you will have to rethread it back through and if you never had to go through that it, it really is a pain. Sebastian: On this side we have little bubble vials on both sides of the carrier that will help you maintain the proper angle of recline. Then if you look at the design of the seat itself, it's got kind of a scalloped shape. What this does is this allows us to get a very easy installation. So you just need to -- you don’t have to line it up exactly. You can get anywhere in the vicinity and it’ll drop in. Daddy Troy: And it finds its own place. Sebastian: Yeah. Daddy Troy: Let's talk about how this actually attaches to the stroller. Sebastian: So once you are in the infant carrier mode, you can just stay in this mode for as long as you using it with the carrier and you just drop the carrier inside the stroller. That locks in the place and that’s all you need to do. So now you have got a super strong connection. It's not going to rotate; it's not going to fall out. It's got a neat kind of one handed push feature here where this is molded to be able to push it with one hand out. Daddy Troy: And also for dads that tend to be taller statistically, this handle will rise a little higher and go lower for dads who might be a little shorter. Sebastian: The breaking system on a Chaperone stroller is unique. It's kind of attached to this hub area which also houses the suspension. Now what this does is with one single step, you will out both rear wheels. Daddy Troy: You have got both sides just to correct one step. Sebastian: Then the unique part is that normally with a stroller you need to lift up to try to break off. Daddy Troy: It steps your shoes. Sebastian: So what you do is you step down again to unlock. It's very simple to use, it unlocks both rear wheels. One of the unique features about the stroller is its folding mechanism. Step one is that you just raise a tray and step two is you just pull on this handle. No need to jerk it really hard. Just pull on it, it folds up to you, it locks in place and it stand in there. To unfold the stroller what we do is we just press the child seat lock like button and then just lift the stroller and you are going to go ahead and make sure you put the child tray down and then when you are on board a child, you can just tilt the tray on either sides to board the child and the stroller is ready to go. Daddy Troy: Hey, Sebastian! Thanks so much for showing us this whole travel collection and we have a lot of other Britax reviews over at You should check them out. We will see you next time on