Brightcove's New Implementation Brings Video to Twitter
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With last month's launch of the new Twitter Web page, selected beta users have been able to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Now, Brightcove has been authorized by Twitter to have its videos embedded. Last week, at an Akamai/Brightcove rooftop event, we spoke with Brightcove's SVP, Marketing Jeff Whatcott about the opportunities for publishers to share video on Twitter. He explains that what shows up on Twitter is the publisher's custom, branded player with advertising.


Brightcove's New Implementation Brings Video to Twitter We have been working with Twitter to make it possible for our publishers to have their video not just linked through the Twitter stream but actually have the video appear directly in the video stream itself. And so that is really exciting because you do not have to send people out of the Twitter experience to actually see the video content. So we set up a process by which people can actually submit their sites to Twitter to be approved by Twitter to be basically white listed into the Twitter stream and if they are based on Brightcove we have the technology worked out to actually make that happen. What actually shows up in the Twitter stream is the full video player so whatever video player they have actually credit with Brightcove including all of its branding and its advertising and other things that are associated with it, shows up right in the stream and so that is pretty exciting to these publishers. It is actually rolled out now that technology has implemented we are just in the process of having our publishers submit their sites for approval by Twitter and Twitter is you know got to vet all of the applications and we will start to see this rolling out relatively soon but we have announced this and it is something that there is an article on our site you can go and get the Email address where you send your application and we expect to see those start to roll out very soon. Very good —