Brian Jaquet on Roku's Competitive Advantage
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With its small, one-pound box priced from $60 to $100 depending on features, Roku is the "value leader" in the connected living room, says company spokesperson Brian Jaquet in this interview with Beet.TV The box is priced below Google TV, Apple TV, the new Boxee Box and Internet-ready TV's. Jaquet says that in the face of this new competion, Roku is "well positioned." The Roku box, which is sold online, connects a wired or wireless Internet connection to the television.


Brian Jaquet on Roku's Competitive Advantage Brian: We we’re really excited Hulu Plus first off, the price has changed. You may remembered in the beta period that they’re in, it was 9.99 a month for Hulu Plus on select devices and they’ve announced yesterday on Wednesday, November 17th, that the price is no 7.99 for Hulu’s Plus subscription per month and what’s great for Roku customers is actually now, they can use Hulu Plus on the Roku Players. The new Roku, Hulu Plus channel shows up automatically under Roku Home screen. You click it, you login with your credentials, your Hulu Plus credentials and actually even better yet, if you buy a Roku right now, you’ll get a free month of Hulu Plus free right now. The real value proposition is you see day after broadcast of your favorite television shows from ABC, NBC and from Fox. In addition to a ton of back catalog content, classic TV shows from maybe your childhood, some of the ones that you may or may not remember, some movies as well but really the best value of Hulu Plus we think is that it’s given you, you know, the broadcast, the currently broadcasting television series, all the top ones, basically on your television in High Definition the day after the deficit there. Male: What’s happening and how’s Roku sort of faring in. What do you think your prospects are in this sort of new very quickly changing landscape? Brian: Well I think we’re really well positioned no doubt about that. We make a product that sells starting at $60.00. Our highest end model only is a hundred dollars which is the price of some of the lowest models that you talked about. A lot of those other products you mentioned are several hundred dollars so from a value perspective, we really are the value are the value leader and that’s what we really put our stock in and by making announcements like Hulu Plus and having a really great Netflix experience and having a new sports leaks so we announce last week a deal with the NHL. So we’re bringing in live Hockey to the Roku as well. We’re really well positioned, and we have to execute but we feel really strong about our position in this market, And this market, you’re absolutely right. It mean is there’s a ton more competition than there was just a year ago but there’s also a ton more awareness. And there’s, you know, there’s as many if not a more new customers, that are in prospective customers that are coming in this market and thinking about solutions to get television you know, movies, hit TV shows, sports, on their aluminum TV through their internet connection versus maybe getting it, how they used to get it through their cable satellite provider.