Breastfeeding and Sleeping Babies
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In this episode of Breastfeeding Tips, a lactation specialist teaches a new mother how to breastfeed her day-old baby and explains what to do if your baby falls asleep during feeding.


Leticia Huskey Ortega: What happens in cases like this, he's like I'm at it. I'm breasting right now. Nurse Francine Padrid: I usually say, do everything you can to try and wake him up, especially in the middle of the night, because you want them to get a nice full belly so you'll get a little bit more sleep. So wake him up, you can try and just give him just jiggles, you can try and stroke his hand a little bit, sometimes tickling the bottom of his feet, or his hands will get him going. If he's really sucked out and you can't wake him up, try and take him away from the breast a little bit, sometimes just lay him down on a cool surface, rub his chest a little bit, all those kids of things will help get him to wake up. Sometimes just take him away from you, because when he's laying against you, he hears your voice, your body is nice and warm, it's just -- he's as happy as he can be. My last resort is a cool cloth. Leticia Huskey Ortega: Really? Nurse Francine Padrid: Yeah. Sticking his tongue out. Leticia Huskey Ortega: Let's try again. Nurse Francine Padrid: Try one more time and see if we can get him wake and eating. Leticia Huskey Ortega: Yeah. Okay, let's try it again baby. Let me sure I remember this, put this side, there you go. Nurse Francine Padrid: Perfect! Leticia Huskey Ortega: I'm underneath. Nurse Francine Padrid: Perfect! He's getting ready. Getting up. Leticia Huskey Ortega: In the baby's mouth. Nurse Francine Padrid: There you go. Leticia Huskey Ortega: Bring to the -- Nurse Francine Padrid: Perfect! Leticia Huskey Ortega: Oh! I'm so happy with myself. Nurse Francine Padrid: Perfect! He's happy with you, he want to tell you.