Breast Cancer Survivor - Gene Glave's Story
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1 year survivor Gene Glave shares her experience fighting cancer and advices women how to deal with it.


Gene Glave: I'm Gene Glave, one year and one day. I have breast cancer and I found it myself. In between mammograms and I was one of these people who eat right for the yearly mammograms and this was just a strange kind of tumor. And I found it on January 1, 2006 and by the 13th of January; I had already had a mastectomy. So it went fast, then I started chemo in February and finished that a year ago, yesterday. And you know, did it all the wonderful things, lost all my hair, and lost all my finger nails and toe nails, and it was a journey, but I have lot of people lifting me up. I work Roper St. Francis. So I had a lot of good support and always think that you are where you are because you're supposed to there. I was telling you I'm doing a one-woman show called the “The Mammalogues” that I'm writing, that’s going to be produced at the Village Theater in August. And I'm hoping that men women will come and see that you can get through something that’s devastating with a good deal of dignity, grace and humor. All you need to do is to set your mind to do that. So I'm hoping that there will be a lot of laughing and some of the proceeds will go towards the Dragon Boat, which is a bunch of survivors that had more Dragon. So, I'm where I am, because I'm supposed to be here and I never go to anger. I always felt like, if there's an opportunity in anything that you do. And I consider myself a survivor of one year and one day, you know if you're going to knock on just a door, knock on it and run. So that’s my job, I think to spread the word. You know, we have these things we need to do and we need to examine our breast, we need to be advocates for ourselves and that’s very important.