Breast Cancer Survivor - Frita's Story
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In this video we hear Frita's story, who only found out she had cancer after a biopsy detected it.


My name is Frita and I had cancer in my breast for almost 6 ½ years ago. I went for a breast exam and they were telling me I had a lump underneath my breast and she asked me did I, and I said no until anything. I didn’t know it was there because it was like a small little lump and she told me I kind of like the crazy sort of and then I went back for another exam and they took a little biopsy and it was breast cancer and I had chemo. I had radiation and thank God today I am a little went to say, “Hey take your mammogram, does it work very important. It’s very important to have a mammogram don’t be afraid I mean have a mammogram and you check out, I mean it hurts yes but look what we have any results, I can tell you know with faith, I feel wonderful no pain, no nothing, I feel great and this is — I just thank God we’re truly, I thank God. It is something you know that you have cancer when they say cancer you kind of like your favorite is you don’t know what but you know with explanations that you got and you’ve been tell you know their experience and you have counseling and you know it will help you along with it is marvelous. When they tell me my husband wasn’t home there was no more like I will call and tell and you know to say guess what, they tell me I ave cancer and I said what am I suppose to do. I really don’t know what I suppose to do but I got all this something just said you know you got a work in. I went through just like everyday and that is an everyday experience because I’m here today to say I’m a survivor and I thank God and women had your mammogram’s done. That’s the most important thing.