Breaking news tutorials - #48 - Facebook Launches Lite Version
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If you've grown tired of the non-stop updates from friends who insist on installing every third-party Facebook application under the sun, you may be interested in the popular social networking site's latest offering. get rid of the extraneous stuff and offers just your friends' latest status updates along with photos and video. Perfect for slow Internet connections.


Hi, this is Andrew Morcrispin for breaking news on with news of the launch of Facebook lite. Now this is a much more pared down interface and a new way of looking at Facebook. You can see the original Facebook here, lots of people giving notifications from third party applications, lots of video, there’s side bar information on the side here, all the chat interface down here. Now if we take a look at Facebook lite, we log in here, you can see it’s a more pared down interface. The side bar down here is gone, what we are really seeing are the most relevant updates from our friends and family along with photos and some video. And we’re also able to post video. So like I say, the biggest change here is that the third party applications have been disabled. So you won’t be hearing about someone finding chips on the floor in Texas HoldEm or someone icing else icing at Mafia Wars, and all those kinds of things. So if you’re getting a little bit tired of all the sort of meaningless status updates that come with the third party applications, is probably something you gonna want to check out. So that’s your breaking news.