Brain Tuner iPhone App Review
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Exercise your brain by taking fast paced math quizes of 20 to 100 questions with the Brain Tuner app. Review by - the definitive source of iPhone app reviews.


This review of Brain Tuner is brought to you by If we called Brain Tuner math quiz or math flashcards the game would have been a lot less misleading. Brain Tuner makes it sound like it is something out of a Wii game. So, it is something like brain age or any of the other brain based games for the Nintendo Wii or the DS but it is not. This is a simple math test that fires the questions off at you and you have to hit wrong or right and at the end it just going to tell you how well you did. There is 20 questions or a hundred questions I would be very surprise if anybody who has played to the 20 questions actually went back and played through the hundred questions unless they were in desperate need of studying their elementary math. Brain Tuners is a poor name for this game, it is not even really a game it is more like an unfair quiz but it is not that bad of the presentation overall. This is Ben Bryan from The definitive source for iPhone App reviews.