Boy Arrested for Bringing Gun, 400 Rounds of Ammo to School
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No injuries were reported, but two schools were put on lockdown for nearly two hours after the ammunition was discovered.


(Image source: The Columbian / Zachary Kaufman )     BY JOHN O’CONNOR     An 11-year-old boy in Washington state has been arrested after police say he brought a handgun and more than 400 rounds of ammunition to school.   No injuries were reported, but Frontier Middle School and another nearby school were put on lockdown for nearly two hours after the ammunition was discovered in the boy’s locker. (Via WEWS )   Local police say they also found several knives. The 11-year-old, who has not been named, was later arrested on charges of attempted murder. (Via WMBF )   The event marks the third consecutive day a major or potential incident of school violence has been reported in the United States.   On Monday, a 12-year-old near Reno, Nevada shot and killed a teacher, and injured two others before turning the gun on himself. (Via MSNBC )   And Tuesday, 14-year-old Phillip Chism was arrested and charged with first degree murder after confessing to killing Danver, Massachusetts high school teacher Colleen Ritzer. (Via HLN )   WIth the recent number of fatal shootings in schools, CNN ’s Anderson Cooper asks Mark Kelly, the husband of former representative Gabrielle Giffords, if there is anything that can be done to curb the violence.   “People are starting to get tired of this. If you just think about what has happened since Newtown, it seems to be a regular occurrence now ... People see this, and they make phone calls, and eventually I think we will see this issue at the ballot box.”   But back in April, the Senate did vote on a measure to expand background checks. However, the bill fell short of the 60 votes it needed to pass, stifling the possibility for any major gun legislation to be enacted this year. (Via The Huffington Post )   At the time, more than 90 percent of Americans were in favor of background checks according to an Washington Post/ABC Poll. It’s unclear if recent school violence will reopen the gun debate in Congress.