Boon's Flo Soft Faucet Cover Review
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Bath time for kids can sometimes be dangerous, especially when it comes to bathtub faucets. With this "Flo" soft faucet cover from Boon, you child can keep safe. The cover latches on easily to the tub faucet and keeps your child from getting hurt.


Brad: Here we are at bath time again and we got a really cool product, it’s called Flo. It’s safe and its fun. We're here with Kate from Boon and she’s going to tell us about it. Kate. Kate: Thanks, Boon has a soft protective cover. Prevents injury from kids bumping their head on the faucet. It clamps on to any standard faucet, easy installation. When you turn on the water, it creates a gentle water fall. It makes hair rinsing very easy. It also have a bubble bath dispenser, parents can fill it up, put as much bubble bath as they want. And let the kids dispense the water bath by pressing this button here. Brad: Thanks Kate. That's a great product. Flo, from Boon.