Bonito Fishing Tip of the Week
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This Sport Fishing video from Dan Hernandez shows you a Bonito fishing tip of the week.


Dan Hernandez: For this week's tip of the week, Sandy and I will be giving it, and Sandy I tell you that tip that you had today was pretty good. Another sinker. You know I was quite along fishing all day. I' caught few of those Benita but I didn't get the Calico Bass. You know I didn't think we needed a sinker there, because the water was so shallow, we're so close to rocks and I have caught lots of Calicos there, just fly lined. It's a straight hook in line. But you suggested the sinker and it made a big difference today. Sandy: That's where ignorance pays off for you, because I haven't had the experience of fly lighting so I thought putting a little sinker on looked like a good idea, and it did work. Dan Hernandez: Yeah, the sinker a made a big difference. The Red line was great, you really liked that today. Sandy: I do, I am quite impressed, and I was surprised that it's so invisible, but it really is. Dan Hernandez: Yeah, it works better. We had a great time in the water. I want to thank you for joining us. Sandy: Thank you. Dan Hernandez: Had a great time, thanks for being out with us. Sandy: I enjoyed it. Thank you very much Dan. Dan Hernandez: Is there anything you want to tell the public about fishing information that they should know. Sandy: Well we tried to work with the public and do as much as we can to protect the fishing game in Los Angeles County. And I am just very happy and proud to be able to be a member of the commission and support the fishing game in Los Angeles as much as I can. Dan Hernandez: Well thanks again for joining us. Well that's this week's Tip of the Week. On behalf of Sandy and myself, I hope you enjoyed this week's episode of Sport Fishing, and I hope you'll join us next week, as we go looking for more of the best in Sport Fishing. Thanks again, Sandy: Thank you.