Boating Tips - Types of Boats
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Learn must have tips and advice from The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips. In this video,you'll learn about types of boats.


Female Speaker: If you look carefully when you're near the ocean or a large lake, you would probably see many types of vessels moving about. Most people can easily see the difference between a sailboat and a powerboat. But do you know the difference between a vessel with a displacement hull and one that has a planing hull and those that fall in between. Well, here are few examples of hull types and how they perform. The type of boat you buy will depend on what you want to do. Before you make that big purchase, the best advice is to visit a reputable dealer in your area and discuss your requirements with him. Also read all the boating magazines you can get your hands on and talk to other boaters about their experiences. In general terms, if you want to travel around the world then the best bet is probably a sailboat or a trawler type powerboat specially outfitted for such voyaging. For weekends with the family, a cruiser in the 26-30 foot range is most adequate. A three week trip to the Bahamas will require something in the 40 foot range in order to be comfortable and have occasional guests or small children on board.