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Learn must have tips and advice from The Encyclopedia of Boating Tips. In this video,you'll learn about custom boats.


Female Speaker: Anyone with the time and advanced skills can build a small boat from readily available plans found in publications such as Boatbuilder. However, if you want a custom cruising yacht or a mega yacht, then having one build is the way to go. The first thing to decide is what type of cruising you want to do and what size boat fits your needs and budget. Custom boats are not cheap and take a long time to complete. There are literally hundreds of books and magazines and loads of associations available to boaters. Some of the best magazines include Cruising World, Power and Motor Yacht, and Boating. Also check the bookstores for a variety of excellent books on assorted boating topics. Everything is available from the very simple to the extremely technical. BoatUS and West Marine are excellent resources for just about anything to do with boats. They have stores all over the country and you can order just about anything from their website or over the phone. Being a member of BoatUS is well worth low in your membership fee. There are two principle flags used on boats. One is the ensign or national flag, the other is the burgee or flag or the yacht club or Owners of Boating organization. Most sailors use the yacht ensign that replaces the 50 star national flag with a fouled anchor on a field of 13 stars. The New York Yacht Club invented the yacht ensign in 1848 as a way to avoid payment of local duties by pleasure yachts as they entered harbors. Flag size has determined by boat length with the minimum being one-inch horizontal measurement per foot of boat length. It’s best to fly the ensign from a flags tab on its turn although it can be flown from the leach of the aftermost sail. Burgees are small swallowtail flags that have Yacht Club or owner’s markings on them. Most Burgees are flown from the lowest starboard spreader or from a bow staff on power vessels.